About Me

Most people don’t want to seem to engage with someone who disagrees with them. The opposite is true for me. It is more important to engage with someone you disagree with. If I am not learning new things and casting out old misinformation, I am standing still.

I don’t explicitly stand behind anything I write here. Some of what I say I may believe. Some I may just be toying with and want to see how coherent I can make it. I am making no effort to be consistent, but am making whatever arguments I think are interesting at the time. If you read my old posts, I am arguing with my old self quite often.


I am a far-left minded individual who lines up very well with Noam Chomsky. My optimal way of living would be something like anarcho-syndicalism.

I currently find my news and information from the center right or moderate sources. It is smart to avoid politics as much as possible, it seems. I am what you would call a conservative in the “not wanting rapid change” meaning. There is a radical in me, but I don’t think he is my smart side.

Censorship in the private sector is just as bad as censorship from the government. I have a major focus on wanting to hear people out, but there is an unfortunate stopping point that comes eventually. That stopping point is time and energy to deal with the differing viewpoints.

Because of this lack of time and energy, I am starting to focus on core principles and the basis for people’s thinking and reasoning. The thing that people derive meaning from is where they are focused. That is also where their politics come from.

In my case, I want to be left alone sometimes. Other times, I want to say controversial things. I feel that one person should be able to do both of those things. That idea drives my current politics. I believe it is neither a left-wing or right-wing idea. I will fight against anyone who endangers that principle.

My Self

I moralize logic. I am working on accepting when people aren’t being logical and to try to figure out how to talk with them. My initial instinct is that they are a bad person. I think that is wrong, but the reaction is innate for me. There is little I can do but catch myself doing it and correct for it the best I can.

I’ve decided that it is important for me to write things and share them with people I know when it is relevant. If other people online want to argue with me about something I have written, that is even better. The idea that someone finds some value in something I have written is most likely the best thing possible to come from this. In reality, I expect everything I write here to just be for me to practice a bit at making my thoughts coherent while enjoying administering this site.

If there is one thing I am really bad at doing, it is finishing things that I don’t want to do. If there is one thing I am really good at doing, it is not starting things I don’t want to do. Both of these are things I’ve learned are important for keeping myself happy. It isn’t always the most convenient, but it is important in ways that are very deeply rooted for me.

I spend my time trying to make my life as efficient as possible. It has always been a major point of my life to understand the world and what is right. I want to accept all people for who they are without thinking they could “improve” themselves in ways that would make me happy. My life has lead me to strive for improving myself in ways that would make myself happier instead, since I actually have control over that.

My Past Self

I am a semi-retired IT guy who climbed to a semi-important position within a semi-important company. I realized I didn’t like what I was doing and quit. It wasn’t over money. It was over me not wanting to spend my time doing something I didn’t really enjoy. I was good at it. I could do it again, if I had a goal I needed to meet.

There are a few patents that I helped with in various areas. I have a few technical papers I’ve written for different companies. Occasionally, I enjoy setting things up for my own use or for someone else’s use. I’ve done enterprise networking, HPC, enterprise storage, Linux administration, programming, and a few other things in IT. It is a great pleasure to understand complex systems within IT. I don’t like interacting with physical objects nearly as much as I enjoy things like software. Amusingly, I spent a huge amount of my time in my 10 years of work in the sector setting up hardware, cabling, and even being the inventory owner of thousands of assets that I had to move around and track.

After quitting my job, I planned on taking some time off and then starting a business doing the same thing I had been. I was going to write about IT and then find clients who wanted me to help design their systems and find the best options for them. I like systems that are off premises for many companies, since administrators, air conditioning, and buildings are expensive. Instead, I decided that I didn’t understand the world and have been reading and discussing everything with people close to me.

My Goals

I hope to talk about everything that interests me. Sometimes, I will share short stories I write. I will also write about the world. Topics will include:

  • Society
  • Video games
  • Linux
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • My Life
  • Philosophy
  • Entertainment
    • Books
    • TV
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Theater

I am sure other things will come up. If you are interested in particular topics, feel free to contact me. I have a contact page for some reason and try to reply to comments on my WordPress.

As I said above, I am mostly interested in writing for myself to become cogent internally. If you think I am wrong I am very interested in hearing from you. I probably am completely wrong and you letting me know won’t result in me being angry unless you let me know in an aggressive way that triggers my fight instinct. I don’t really have a flight instinct.