Jordan Peterson does Understand: Nazism2 min read

The video stating Jordan Peterson doesn’t Understand: Nazis was one that I couldn’t immediately dismiss. I like to challenge myself when I have the time and energy with things I know will more than likely make a mistake that I have to deal with. This video ended up being one of those things.

The Argument

  • The Nazis killed the Jews because they needed more food
    • The Nazis were well fed
  • Hitler said he wanted to kill the Jews and that was a primary purpose of the war

The Response

  • Food doesn’t win wars, but the lack of it can lose the war
    • The Nazis were well fed (source: the fucking video itself)
      • Many historians attribute logistics and supplies to why the Nazis lost the war
        • Food is not the reason they lost the war
        • Humans can provide labor that create supplies
  • As to what Hitler was doing, I guess we should take Hitler at his word that he knew what he was doing
    • The idea that someone might have had one motivation while saying they had another has never happened
      • Winning the war was put to the wayside to kill the Jews
        • Cain put aside his immediate interests to kill Abel
          • Was Cain (Hitler) doing this from a source of chaos or revenge or was murder his primary goal from the start?

The Most Amusing Part

This is one of the strongest criticisms I have seen of Jordan Peterson, which is interesting to me. I had to re-watch the Maps of Meaning lecture to catch what was wrong with the criticism. Normally I can see what the argument takes out of context or ignores relatively easily. I guess that is because this argument is from someone misunderstanding history instead of misunderstanding philosophy.

Additionally, I checked the Maps of Meaning book. This comparison was not in there. An aside to a lecture that doesn’t undermine its primary point gets the response that Jordan Peterson doesn’t understand Nazis.

That’s quite a conclusion.

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