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Very few people want public discussion. Throughout my life, I have learned that more and more.

When I discuss something, I am hoping to have my mind changed. I hope to understand how someone is thinking so I can think that way in the future. This does not mean I stop being able to think in the way I did before.


There is a lot of evidence that people will fight to the death for the idea they are right and someone else is wrong. This isn’t a fight for freedom for them. It is merely a fight for an idea.

It’s a place I have been in the past. There were ideas that offended me so much that I was willing to risk much and gain little to combat them. The other side of it was my willingness to do the same for promoting my “good” ideas.

I don’t believe that some ideas are better than others. I think that is downstream from something else. Ideas need principles, facts, and other beliefs below them to take seed. If you attack an idea, oftentimes people don’t have enough knowledge of what lies below it to have that idea die alone. They need to throw out the whole garden.

Push Back

I find it amazing how I can feel like I am being exceptionally clear and am told that I am not making sense. That is one of the things I try to tell myself when I make a post somewhere that gets deleted with nothing offensive or controversial in it. I have to assume either that person is just a bigoted mess or that I am not explaining where they need to reexamine what they are saying.

People who are willing to talk to me are good. I find so very few of them are willing to play with logic and answer questions consistently. Everyone thinks they are in a fight and a debate. I have yet to learn how to disarm people from that position.

I think it needs to be my primary goal. People either need to not see me as attacking them or to make it so they accept the attack on some level. I think the latter might be impossible today. The former is so hard because so many triggers exist for people.


This leads me back to the point I am so often. Why would I even try when it is clear that people want to be where they are? I retort to that a simple thought. What if they aren’t the ones who brought themselves there? When those in society move as a whole to a place that makes them unhappy, why shouldn’t I question why an individual is there?

Everyone has their sacred cows today. In the past, that sacred cow was their family and God. Today, those sacred cows are varied and confusing. They break into camps. People hate Trump, Christians, or Jews for instance. Sometimes all 3 of those things. Questioning why they do those things puts them into a mental state where they gloss over important points or questions and focus on the wrong things. They become defensive and shut down.

Just as people hate things they also love things irrationally. Questioning a Christian about God’s existence will result in a horrific conversation in some form. Whenever I try to even get a feminist to respond to me about their surety that biology is a social construct it gets shut down well in advance. My posts usually are blocked.

Sadness and My Madness

I look at the way people are behaving. The things they are saying. It is obvious to me that it masks a sadness that makes no sense. The things they hold as sacred cows provide them no sustenance. Those cows are meant for sacrifice or to feed them. They gain no knowledge from those cows existing. In the end, all they have is a cow they must feed and care for. They go further, and love that cow. Their day can become centered around that cow. It becomes their “friend” in as much of a way as a cow can be a friend.

I don’t get it. Why focus on the pointless cow that is ruining your life?

In the past, people had their family, God, and themselves. Today, people merely have ideas. They survive to help those ideas survive. Family and God are nothing to them. They are aware that a self exists, but why tend to that person? A single person is pointless. If this sacred cow becomes all powerful, people in general will be freed. They will see the world correctly. The self can wait.

Isn’t being selfless the most important thing? Isn’t caring about my family a form of selfishness? Since there is no God, society must conform to logic. Here, please, see the logic of my sacred cow. Bask in its glory.

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