Knowing Where you are to Move Forward3 min read

I’ve spent a long time learning where I am. It isn’t obvious to me that I understand my place yet. When I look at other people, I suspect they are more lost than me.

The idea that you can be 100% aware of who you are and how you fit into society may not be possible.

I believe that the same can be said about striving for the Utopia that will never come.

Perfection is only found within God. Not believing in God should mean not believing in perfection. Is perfection something you even want? The obvious assumption is God made imperfect humans to entertain himself, since being perfect sucks.

I wonder why we want perfection. Is being God so good?

Myself as the Messiah

I like to work on puzzles. My current obsession is society as a whole. It is pretty clear that there is no way to understand society as a whole. The key appears to be understanding enough individuals to be able to understand the majority of other individuals.

I strive for perfection in myself. The idea in my head is that I can achieve it. Further, I believe that once I have a perfect understanding I can have a positive impact on others.

I feel like that is a misguided place to strive towards. It isn’t clear to me that the kind of games I want to play are the ones that will help people.

The key for making myself useful may be to find a new game that I enjoy. That game needs to be useful for others. I am trying to morph into someone who can help others look into themselves and find answers.

The challenge is that is basically what a psychologist does. There really isn’t an easy way to get people to do that. If there was, everyone would just link to a book or a video that made them into a complete person and realize their error.


It is a rather tedious task, but I feel like you have to engage with each individual person at the level they are at. There is no way to describe that as an easy thing to do.

I am not really clear on if it is useful, either. It takes so much effort to make even an incremental change in someone’s point of view. The alternative is allowing people to take bad ideas, fake facts, or missing facts and base beliefs on them.

I can’t really foresee myself backing off on the idea that people need to be challenged. My method of doing so definitely needs more time spent making a better outcome. I don’t really want to make people see the world how I do. My experiences tell me that people will hate my worldview. It isn’t a comfortable one for most people.

This brings me back to the individual engagement. I need to identify when people are on a good path of self discovery and nudge them to continue in an effective way. It is also important to do the opposite, where a bad path is turned around.

The Bad Path

I find it really easy to walk a bad path. I’ve done it on occasion. Hurting someone for me is simpler than I would like it to be. The comment that will cut deep is obvious. The corollary to this is that I know where a person is vulnerable and can help them just as easily as hurt them.

It is a lot easier to help someone who is on a good path. They are receptive to further information and a person who is excited about the path they are on.

The bad path is a problem. When someone is on a bad path and hurting themselves and others, they don’t want an “other” to tell them how they are wrong.

I am working on finding out how to walk the bad path without being stuck on it. I think that is what I need to do in order to actually get people to leave the bad path.

It might not work. But I want to explore it.

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