Short Fiction — Forward for Peter2 min read

Technology made it easy to look backwards while going forward. In this case, it was extremely literal.

The farm Peter had grown up on was being sold. He looked over his shoulder as he was driving away. He knew that this was the right decision.

There was no wrong decision in the matter. There was just a practical decision.


You can’t hold on to things these days. If you are rich, you can, but it produces nothing. The option would be nice, at least.

Looking down the road that lead away from the farm, you saw fields. Peter didn’t notice the fields. He had been here before. The scenery melted away into the expected and the boring.

When you decide to move on from your life you can’t know what part you’ll miss. Peter knew he would miss something. It wasn’t that he would miss the work around the farm. The constant work that had no meaning.

It kept him busy. It made him strong. What is the point of that though in the end? Everyone else is able to live without having to lift a finger. It would be nice to live like that for a while.


You can’t imagine what will come. Life is like that.

Peter knew that life would be something he didn’t expect. The thing that was weird was how little life had prepared him for driving away from the farm.

People look behind themselves to know what is ahead. Your past informs how you will react to the future. The past also informs the future that you will possibly have.

Finding meaning is a hard thing today. Peter knew this. He had no meaning on the farm. It was no longer required. Farming, that is.

The cost to farm was high. The price of corn was $.10 an ear at best. When you consider how much work was involved and how much money went in upfront, it made no sense to do it.

Was there a Choice?

When you look at it simply, there was no choice to be made. Why would you hold onto something that has no value? Why would you pay money to make yourself have to do work? If you don’t even have that money, it makes it so there is no choice at all.

Peter knew that there was no choice.

He looked forward as he drove away for the last time. Who knew what the AgerCorp people would do with the farm. It wasn’t his concern any longer. He was leaving it behind.

He had no choice.

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