Fearing the New Left3 min read

I have always been afraid of what Republicans would do when they are in power. They tend to trickle in policies that I disagree with. Simply put, I value freedom. I don’t want any interference in a choice I may make.

I now fear the new left. Democrats are careful to not offend different kinds of activists.

New Left Activists

The new left is one that focuses on social justice above all else. The activists have power in the media, universities, and Hollywood. When I draw the ire of these activists I will be doxxed. They would find they can’t really harm me. I assume this means they would go after my wife and daughter. Social justice activists generally aren’t good people.

I fear that the Democratic party will allow activists to take over. These activists threaten politicians. The activists create a few examples of politicians who ignored the activists. The other politicians go on to enact further left social policies or to see problems at the polls.

It isn’t clear to me how ideas like cultural appropriation or micro aggression get turned into good law. It isn’t even really clear to me how they get turned into any law at all.

The Amazing Sleight of Hand

I feel like the surge of social justice agenda setting is a reaction to Bernie Sanders. He wanted to push the country further left economically. The country going further left economically would be bad for some entrenched interests. If the Democrats become the party of social justice but their hand is not forced on the economy the market stays the same.

We have been seeing this for a while in the United States. The market shifts over time to the right. The societal aspects shift to the left. This is good for companies and bad for the people. We see consumer goods getting cheaper while rent and food remain a huge portion of people’s expenditures. Further, health care costs continue to rise.

Another aspect of better technology besides cheaper goods is children needing more technology to stay on level with peers. Many households don’t have the Internet at all. A larger percentage have no broadband.

When I look at the current focus on everything besides the economy, it is frustrating. I see extremists focusing heavily on the economy, but they aren’t critics. They are opponents. They want to see the whole system overturned. It isn’t a realistic request. Other areas that focus on the economy are for the well informed and extremely intelligent. The majority only sees the major headlines about Trump.

What this Might Mean

I imagine Democrats who focus on social issues entirely. Their job is getting legislation passed to make speech illegal. They want to make colleges into safe spaces. It is obvious that this is possible. We have seen it with McCarthy and his hunt for communists.

The new hunt could be for white supremacists. Worse, the new hunt could be for crypto-fascists or some other ill defined term.

I want to see legitimate arguments about what different things mean for society. Politicians aren’t the ones who should be making those arguments. They are ill equipped to do much besides fund raising and reading speeches. Actual debates are beyond too many of them.

I don’t see things getting better. I see the economy continuing to lurch forward how it is. We will ride that train until it crashes. We will see more social unrest. The speeding locomotive will throw people from it. Their fears will be assuaged by new social policies.

And eventually the whole thing will crash into a ravine.

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