Societal Progress3 min read

Utopian societies are things I have spent a lot of time thinking about.

I feel like the only way to justify society as it is and the direction we have been moving for so long is the idea that we will eventually be “done.”

I have a few problems with that, that I can’t get past.

If we are “done” as a society, how will the majority of people find fulfillment? If we don’t have to work and we can live forever, that changes the human condition completely.

If we aren’t working towards society being “done” and everything automated, what is the point of what we are doing?

People work longer than they have for a long time. Instead of working physically, we work mentally. It has a great toll on our bodies since our energies go into something that has the body wither during our work hours.

I feel like being able to understand your purpose in the grand scheme of the world is important to a lot of people. If they see their job as a filler they will be unhappy.

If someone sees their existence having the only purpose being to exist, that circular shit will make them depressed.

I wonder if we are seeing a lot of these impacts and we just don’t have a good understanding of it yet.

Personally, I will be happy in any society that allows me to read and speak freely. I prefer to work less, but I can be happy working more.

I know that not everyone is like me. Very few people want the same thing as me in life.

These are basic questions that touch on capitalism, democracy, and society in general. Should the majority be able to impose their will on others? Should we punish those who are less valuable to our society progress? What is “society?”

I think the de facto answer is that we will do what is perceived as “right.” Right is measured by GDP, it seems.

I measure things a bit differently. I have a limited amount of time to create who I am. The progress I am concerned with is being the best person I can to those I know. I also am concerned with doing great works.

I get no pleasure from doing small things. I want to do something big. Something that progresses society. Not towards a utopia, but towards understanding what we are.

As society progresses, the question remains… Is there an end? Is there a goal?

I see the goal as being as fulfilled, happy, and useful on a large scale. It is detrimental to me to have that desire, since it makes me less useful on a small scale. Doing the dishes causes me physical pain because it does not build to my end goal.

Finding out who we are as a society seems impossible once you realize finding out who you are as a person is nearly impossible. Time progresses, and thus “society” does as well.

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