Priorities for White Supremacists2 min read

I think thought experiments to see what you actually believe are important. The Alt-Right and white supremacists may want to spend some time thinking on what matters to them.

Priorities in Death and Life

When I look at my priorities, I have a good idea for what they are. I value myself highly. My family has even more value to me. I think that is a part of being a father and husband.

Outside of those people, I value the things that others give me. I don’t value others above myself or family.

I feel like those who are members of the Alt-Right or otherwise white supremacists have a poor assessment of what they value. They most likely couldn’t pick out a dozen people that they would die to preserve in the name of their race. I assume many would struggle to pick out even a single person.

Even if they could, if they idolize or know that person, it is no different than any other celebrity infatuation.

Alt-Right and White Genocide

Their insistence on the feeling that there is a threat to their race is a sense of personal threat. They value their family over themselves, but beyond that their actual morals do not change.

If you told me in 10,000 years there would be no white people, I would not care. If you told me in 100 years there would be no white people, I would ask what the hell would happen to my children that would make them unable to have kids? How do you know my kids would be dead?

The sense of imminent threat they feel isn’t for their race. It is for themselves and their family. It is the threat of losing majority status or something worse happening.

Those are legitimate threats. I don’t think they are the kinds of threats that they present them as.

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