Being Above1 min read

I think it’s important to not engage on something unless you believe you are doing something productive.

I’ve changed my actions frequently, even for things that I have a strong urge to continue doing. I’ve quit video games in the middle of them, I’ve quit jobs, and I’ve ended relationships when I know that the end result won’t be what I want or the journey will not be worth the end.

I try not to engage on things that I am afraid I will not be correct on. I am thinking that is horribly wrong.

My desire to engage only when I am above the fray or possess something that I know will make it an easy engagement stops me from have an impact.

I think that I need to allow myself to be wrong and have people know that I was wrong.

My existing fear is that I will be wrong and that people won’t know that I am wrong. That means no one will tell me I am wrong.

I guess I now need to debate whether that chance is worth being wrong.

One trick to not allowing myself to be wrong and uncorrected is to disagree with a popular opinion.

I think I need to find a way to do that that will get me the debates I desire.

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