Short Fiction — The Daemon’s Will4 min read

Luke was conscious of what was happening.

“It is an act of violence to deny someone’s existence. By ignoring what I am saying and not engaging with me, you are being violent against me. You are causing me harm!” Luke typed into his Tweet.

Luke had made a new Twitter account because the person he was targeting had setup an illegal filter. This filter allowed him to ignore Luke, which was not allowed on Twitter. It was not strictly enforced, though.

This target was part of a far right movement where the belief that capitalism wasn’t theft from the public good existing. Communism was the only accepted system for society to live by.

Luke was targeting this asshole who thought he could get away with spreading misinformation. This rogue account was claiming that people should be allowed to make their own choices with what they need. Everyone knew this resulted in inequitable distribution of resources, where some people had more than others.

Further, this piece of garbage had the unmitigated gall to block Luke.

Luke was in a fervor. Logic had left him and he just wanted to hurt this interloper. If he could find where this person lived, he would knock on their door and scream in their face. They were doing violence and they needed to be made uncomfortable. Luke abhorred violence in every form.

Luke could look back and not think he typed these messages. They were such perfection in expressing what he wanted to say.

“Harming others is the worst thing humanity has ever come up with. We are beyond harming others. Once we find you, we will teach you how you are wrong.”

Luke knew they would find this person. This monster.

Lessons had been learned from past attempts to make society better. You can’t force people to think correctly. You can only give them the information and incentives to think that way.

This person on Twitter Luke was destroying was most likely some useless nerdy white kid. They wanted society to be back to how it was. This kid was most likely smart and knew that under the old system they would have done better.

It is so selfish to care about things like that. No one should think of themselves. You have to think of the group. Every person in humanity has just as much right to exist as others. Obviously, once you have the right to exist you have the same right to be safe, happy, healthy, and entertained. This asshole was threatening everyone’s safety. He wanted the world to go back to the way it was. The bad days, before Luke was born.

Luke was happy to see another Tweet flying from his fingers as his rage built up.

“The fall of humanity came about because of the excesses of capitalism. We lost everything! If we had not realized who the oppressors were and rebelled, it would have been worse! We overthrew the system before it ended us. We destroyed the patriarchy.”

It was important for Luke to be a part of the group of people that stamped out dissent. There was a single, correct fact in every instance. Once your knew all of them and were aware of every instance you would think about the world correctly.

It is hard to grow as a person to the point where you can know that single correct viewpoint. It takes a lot of study. Until you have achieved that, it should be illegal for you to speak as if you know something.

It is harmful for those who aren’t enlightened to read this garbage. It is a horrible act of violence. The worst violence you can see in society.

Sure, there was still murder, but that was a single person harming a single other person. Thoughts were viral. That violence could end the species. It almost had. It had been allowed to run rampant for so long that people knew nothing else.

Once the rare earth minerals ran out, people scrambled to find replacement technologies. There were none. Starvation was the result. We couldn’t even transport food to the population properly. We couldn’t cool the food even if we could, so it would spoil regardless. It was a disaster. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Luke felt the rage subsiding as he saw at least a dozen other people were following his lead. He also saw that he had typed out another perfect representation of the thoughts he had come up with through his studies.

“You lost your power. You can’t regain it. We won’t let you. You used to own society. We own it now. You are too powerful to be allowed to repress us. We’ll never give you anything. We are good people. We allowed your kind to live after the war. You would not have afforded us the same.”

Luke knew he had made the right choice. He knew that his choice to support the fight against against the problematic meritocratic scum would result in a happier world.

Humanity was amazing. Luke loved humanity. Everyone was happy. Everyone was equal. That was what mattered.

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