School of Rock and “The Man”2 min read

I recently saw the School of Rock musical on Broadway at DPAC. It was a very good show and something that I enjoyed on a lot of levels. I had seen the 2003 movie that inspired the musical, so I was rather ready to look at all the different performances instead of paying attention to the broader themes of the story. I’ve changed a lot in the last 13 or so years since I have seen the movie though, so it meant an entirely different thing to me.

Before I say anything else, I do want to say that the performances were very good. I really am not interested in calling out specific people by name on being awesome. I do have a special place for the girl on the cello and electric bass though. I used to play both of those when I was her age, and she played the role extremely well. When he assigned her a Les Claypool album as homework, it was especially hilarious to me.

The musical was in two separate acts. I defined the contents of the acts as:

  1. Stick it to the man!
  2. To someone, you are the man.

I think it’s important to know that almost without exception every single person is the thing standing in the way of someone’s goals. You are in charge of some part of their life that is preventing them from doing what they want or getting the thing they feel they need.

Every single character in this play (and movie, as I remember it) was “the man” for someone else. I find it important to try not to be “the man” for my daughter just as much as I think it is essential that spouses aren’t a barrier to each other’s happiness. No matter who you are, you resent “the man” if they are in your way.

As they said in the musical, the man can be a woman too.

Don’t let the man keep you down and while you’re at it don’t keep others down.

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