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I have no interest in being right. At least, not in the moment.

My first concern is understanding how to process information. My second concern is understanding my biases in how I process that information. My third concern is understanding how others would process that information.

If you can’t understand how someone with your current information could like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you either have to assume those people are morons or they don’t truly have the same information you do. The alternative is to assume they are acting maliciously, which is not something we should be prepared to do without a lot more information on a person.

It is fairly obvious that most people who are vocal today assume malice from people.

What good does that do?

I believe this assumption is due to a lack of understanding of knowledge itself. If you think for a while about epistemological systems, you must see your own shortcomings with processing information, understanding your own biases, and definitely in understanding other people’s view of the world and the information in it.

Skipping straight to malice as an explanation is harmful to say the least. It helps no one and harms you by keeping your viewpoint narrow.

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