Stop Confusing Changing Politics with Changing Policies2 min read

This op-ed on Vox by David Palumbo-Liu needs a response directly.

Democrats, liberals, and progressives need to learn the difference between politics and policy. No one (at least linked to in this op-ed) is saying to change policies, but you can achieve the same end by changing your politics.

People seem to want to legislate a post-racial, post-bigotry society. It has to happen on its own and shouting down people who are doing hurtful things is important for people who are not politicians. If you double down on the strategy of “people will come around eventually” you are going to lose national elections and most state elections. Badly. Horribly. Losing.

Democrats (as politicians) need to start a conversation that actually includes the current majority of the country as the electoral college is concerned. The people Democrats appeal to are a coalition of repressed minorities, people who follow politics and know that the Democrats have well reasoned policies for the greater good, and people who are disgusted by Republicans. There are obviously other reasons, but I suspect those make up a large part of their voters. That proved to not be enough to win a national election against Donald Trump. Think about that for a second and wonder how doubling down on the current path will gain anything.

Democrats: Change your politics but not your policies. Be inclusive! You are literally driving away your base by trying to appeal to extremists who are not being political. You can agree on what the policies for government should be, but do not base your politics on whiny assholes who want the world to be their safe space to sexually identify as “light, because light is beautiful and doesn’t hurt anyone!”

Liberals need to speak up and not be afraid to offend. Call people out on their shit, but for fuck’s sake, don’t be an asshole about it. If you are talking about “privilege” or calling people racists, you are hurting the conversation and making those you attack more extreme. Congratulations, you are a major contributor to why Donald Trump is president elect. Please stop, so we can end this nightmare as quickly as possible.

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