Judges, Elections, and Limited Information1 min read

It is unclear to me how I should feel about most judges. During the recent election cycle, finding information on specifics for things I cared about was extremely difficult or impossible.

I care about the list below, primarily.

  • Reasonable interpretation of patents so that abstract ideas or obvious things can not be patented
  • Limiting harm caused by bad laws to the full extent that is possible such as punishments for marijuana possession
  • Always allowing free speech, unless specific harm happens
  • Limiting concentrated power, through whatever justification possible whether it is through government or private money
I am pretty indifferent when it comes to guns and abortion. I’d prefer the legislature pull their heads out of their ass, stop choking on their own shit and make firm laws that settle these issues one way or another.
If they are careful not to overstep one way or another, they can create laws that follow the constitution.
The fact that we focus so heavily on niche issues that don’t even impact a majority of us in our daily lives is annoying. It becomes more annoying when information about other positions requires a huge amount of effort to uncover.

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