Identity Politics Suck — An Illustration2 min read

Understanding that identity politics is seeing everything through the lens of either personal identity or someone else’s identity, we can easily see how absurd that is.

I see most things in my life through impacts on the world around me and the environment. I do not force that view on others.

Imagine if I was offended by people impacting society or the environment as much as social justice warriors are offended by everything to do with their identity politics.

Let’s look at this through the lens of the movie Fight Club compared to a site like Your Fave is Problematic on tumblr. Your Fave is Problematic looks at celebrities through the lens of identity politics and applies their views on social justice to them. It leads to hilariously absurd things being called out as wrong.

Fight Club through the extreme “societal impact politics” lens:

  • Humans hanging out with penguins is bad for the penguins! We need to not normalize this idea!
  • Buying furniture that you don’t need wastes resources!
  • Having a refrigerator when you don’t need it wastes resources!
  • We can’t afford as a society to have planes! They pollute way too much!
    • The scene shows the plane crashing, so this might be good to make people afraid of flying.
  • Cars are shown. This normalizes the existence of cars. As a society we all should be walking everywhere. Bikes are better, but their impact is still too great on many accounts!
  • People are buried but no vegetable garden appears to be planted over their remains. This is a huge waste of resources!
  • When the buildings explode, so much pollution is released into the environment!
    • This is CGI, but normalizing explosions and pollution is bad!
    • Computers use electricity! Electricity generation is bad!
Stop forcing your identity politics on all of us. It is just as absurd to everyone who isn’t a part of the movement as my “societal impacts politics” are above.

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