Following Suit: Changing the “Marketing”3 min read

It’s been extremely successful in politics to use code words that invoke a desired response without directly referencing the more controversial topic. It’s interesting to see Donald Trump invoking specific phrases like law and order that were used by Richard Nixon under similar attacks of it inspiring racism. It’s interesting how hollow any denials of the coding with Nixon ring after it has been revealed that it was explicitly what they meant and were doing.

It seems to me like the radical left along with Black Lives Matter have similar issues as the Republicans had around 1968. Just as the Republicans could no longer say segregation was the moral thing to do it is getting harder to message as progressives that things are not yet equal. The message increasingly is being rejected, evidenced by the election of Donald Trump.
I believe that demanding change that can be inclusive of everyone will be more productive. I believe that it is not half the country versus the other half. The real fight is the 999 versus the 1. We distract ourselves with in-fighting, but what we want is the same. We want safety in our homes. We want comfort. We want safety in the fact that nothing can take away our way of life or harm those close to us.
The things that are threatening people on either side of the growing left vs. right divide in America have the same root cause. It is interests that they have no control over threatening to take away their freedoms.
In the fight for equal rights, why do I care if you are black or white? Why do I care if you are lower class or middle class? Why do I care what you do in your own home?
We need a smaller government and less centralized power. That doesn’t mean we need to abolish the EPA. It means we need to dismantle what the police state has become. It means we need to reduce the power of Wall Street so they stop feeding the monsters that so many of our politicians have become. It means we need to fight for no one to be oppressed.
We need to find out how we can all share in the fruits of the wealthiest nation ever to exist on this planet. If we don’t do it together, we risk losing our share when we are no longer the group in control.
Strive for the wealth of the nation. It isn’t the responsibility of the individual to lift up society. It is, however, society’s responsibility to lift up the individual. This means each individual has to do their part in making society an inclusive place. This means accepting people’s intrinsic and extrinsic qualities and understanding, to the best of your ability, how this person (who hopefully you can accept isn’t “evil”) got to the point they are at.
If you can’t have a rational conversation with someone who isn’t trying to physically harm you, you need to step back and let others have that conversation for you, in my opinion. If your cause leaves you with half the country or more as your enemy, you have to ask if you can achieve the same goal without it being so polarizing. I believe the answer to that is yes.
If your cause results in many people being physically harmed, I think you need to reevaluate if your cause is moral and just. You may be on the wrong side of history.
Fight for freedom, equality, and wealth. We can do this as a nation.

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