The Four Horsemen of the Trump Apocalypse1 min read

Let’s look at groups whose message needs to be moderated or ignored.

  1. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and racists
  2. The intelligent people who supported Trump for various reasons and feel compelled to defend the rest of his agenda
  3. Those who are paid to support the radical Trump and Republican agenda
  4. The companies who fund, support, or enable the three other groups to indoctrinate others into their radicalized messaging

Let’s give these groups names.

  1. The Racists.
  2. The Radical Apologists.
  3. The Shills.
  4. the Money.
I want to talk about each of these groups separately in detail, but for now let’s define why it is important to confront them and their impacts.
The Racists, Radical Apologists, Shills, and the Money are all part of the messaging that has created disinformation campaigns. They encourage people to not look deeply into issues. They shout down dissent. They scare those who disagree with them into silence.
This can’t be accepted any longer. It has been proved that their impacts are too great for us to ignore any longer.

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