Staying Sane in the Face of Uncertainty3 min read

With the election of Donald Trump, the world has gone from an uncertain place to one where you have to question every truth that you think you know.

I have a very conservative mindset and I don’t deal well with having unanswered questions about how I am going to survive day to day. Financially, you have to question if you are making the right decisions and if you made the right decisions in the past. I tried to ensure that everything I have done will universally be applicable to any outcomes, but I have to reevaluate everything in the face of this new reality.

I wonder if other people are going through the same stresses at a basic level of the choices they’ve made. My family will persevere through whatever may come, but a part of our identity has become our ability to help others.

For instance, last night I had talked with a cashier at the local Food Lion we shop at. It turns out that he is in IT as well and hasn’t had any luck finding a job as a recent grad. I offered to help him and hope that I can give him resume advice, a mock interview or two, and also get him in contact with someone who is looking for his skill set at an entry level if applicable. I am hopeful that I can help.

This is a small thing that we can do, and is a step beyond donating money or trying to help our family when they are in need financially.

It feels like more than a quarter of the country is in desperate need right now of financial assistance. I fear that every project that supports a social cause I am interested in will be under attack shortly. It makes me regret trying to change paths in life as I could just funnel my salary towards those causes and still be in the same place financially. The little bit of good I get to do would be far eclipsed by giving money to those groups.

The groups that immediately come to mind as needing our money right now include:

  • The EFF which defends our freedoms on the Internet and with technology
  • The ACLU which defends our freedoms in general
  • The NRDC which defends our planet
  • Planned Parenthood which helps our society… Well, plan when they are ready for parenthood.
  • WUNC which is my local NPR station since I need local news
Here are groups that were brought up (and very much important now) on Last Week Tonight.
I am going to look into what happens if my wife and I make our LLC donate 100% of money earned to charities if it changes its legal status. Unfortunately, I can’t morally get ahead when everything else is going to be pushed so far backwards.
It hasn’t even been a week, but the pressure to have a solid plan of action to combat this uncertain world feels immense to me. I don’t think I’ll return to the normal that I was in ever again. It was too much based on the world being a place it obviously isn’t.

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