Splitting Facebook in Two1 min read

Due to people wanting to use Facebook for entirely different and personal reasons, it seems like posts should be directly tagged in two different ways. These feeds could be entirely separate and default to personal postings.

  • Personal and Fun
  • Non-personal and News
This would allow, via machine learning, people who don’t want to see things not directly about their friends lives to be sent to another feed that they may never look at. You could allow people to tag their own posts and the posts of others as news/non-personal for the algorithm to learn from.
Further, this would allow the news feed to be completely unsorted along with partner organizations having posts added to them. Half the posts could be from professional news sources that get added to the feed of everyone based on algorithms. Those news sources could post their own news and have it disseminated from there. I’d say to keep the posts from friends in chronological order and the posts from news sources based on an algorithm that determines what is important to know at that moment combined with human curators.

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