Snarky Response to those Attacking Safety Pins1 min read

Safety pins are meant to show that someone is a safe person and not someone who will attack others. They are something that is starting to be used in the United States to show this and were used in Britain earlier.
I’ve seen people called a “liberal bully” for wearing a safety pin on Facebook. I think the correct response to something like that is below.

I see the pink ribbons that represent breast cancer awareness the same way! I don’t have breast cancer nor do I want breast cancer. Just as you want unchallenged racism, I want unchallenged breast cancer. This doesn’t make me for breast cancer. I just don’t want to be confronted with it. Maybe we should join causes! You yell at everyone who has a post about combating breast cancer. If you do that, I will let everyone know that combating racism is not acceptable either.

Being upset by safety pins is an entirely indefensible position. Help people see that.

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