Making Abortions Illegal and Impacts on Minorities1 min read

Around 50% of maternal deaths in some minority populations were due to illegal or self-induced abortions before Roe v Wade.

Are we willing to run a national experiment where there are punishments for the mother who has an abortion? The United States had around 200,000 abortions being done per year (by some estimations) before it was made legal. I wonder if that number will be lower this time around?

Donald Trump stated he thinks there needs to be a punishment for women who have an abortion. Will we see fewer abortions due to it being more illegal? Or will we just see women wait longer and an increased mortality rate.

How many women go to their doctor after the infection sets in from their coat hanger abortion? How long does it take the women who go to their doctor to realize they need to? How many will have waited too long and die?

I hadn’t thought about us needing to run an experiment to gather that information. I guess we’ll have that data soon enough.

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