Don’t Tread on Me1 min read

The current political structure of the United States has the federal government making a decision that impacts every community that is contained within it. A decision at the federal level impacts every state. A decision in a state impacts every city, town, village, and farm within it. A decision at the city or county level impacts every person living within its limits.

Decentralizing power and laws has the positive effect of allowing communities to decide what their lives will be like. Deciding your own priorities in a system where you can actually participate and have your voice be heard is important. Having that voice overruled by 50 million others that don’t live the same life as you and are in a completely different situation in a completely different place has become untenable. What happened to “Don’t tread on me?” as an American principle?
In North Carolina, there is an issue currently where the state government wants to tell the cities what they can and cannot do. They have created a law that makes anti-discrimination measures illegal within a municipality. They have removed the power of the cities. The people deciding on this are not the people impacted by it. Why is this allowed and is it something we want?
Don’t tread on me. I have no interest in deciding what you can do. I have no interest in deciding what you can’t do that doesn’t hurt others. Stop making those decisions for me and my community. Repeal HB2 in its entirety. It is more important now than ever with the election of Donald Trump. Our communities are losing their protections and we are losing our recourse.

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