Do Not Avoid Confrontation1 min read

People who are used to being ignored and believing they are right must be confronted. If you disagree, please speak up. People who are focusing on the wrong things should not be allowed to continue to do so without being questioned. We now know that America did not turn the corner we thought it had, and Trump apologists rhetoric is damaging.

Do not let our children see the world as they see it. The Trump world is a cold, painful place and one that you can’t help but be saddened by.

The intelligent people focusing on defending evil or hatred in the world normalize it. Don’t let them. Make sure they know that their words hurt you.

This may be the easiest of Trump’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to combat. It is as simple as seeing something that you disagree with and speaking up. Staying silent has brought us here.

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